Classic Shiny Brite Xmas Ornaments – Max Eckardt’s Shiny Brite Ornaments

Classic Shiny Brite Xmas Ornaments – Max Eckardt’s Shiny Brite Ornaments

An American businessman named Max Eckardt introduced Christmas tree decorations imported from Germany to the US about 1907. The ornaments consisted mostly of little hand-blown glass balls that have been colorfully decorated. Late in the 1930s however, it was simple to Eckardt that the oncoming war was going to disrupt his provides. So he designed a organization arrangement with the Corning Glass Corporation that received them began on Xmas ornament production in their mild bulb plants. Corning started making the glass ornaments just after adapting their have light bulb production course of action and proceeded to ship ornaments to each Woolworth’s shops and to Eckardt’s factories exactly where the simple ornaments could be further adorned by hand immediately after remaining machine-lacquered.

As the wartime shortages improved, making both of those lacquer and silver hard to occur by, Eckardt began obtaining the ornaments adorned in pastels and dazzling hues. As a consequence, Shiny Brite ornaments became pretty preferred since of their uniqueness and quickly become a staple of every family’s Christmas trees. By the finish of the war, Shiny Brite was the biggest manufacturer of Christmas ornaments in the entire world and the reputation of the ornaments raged on into the 1950s.

Shiny Brite stopped producing and promoting the glass balls in 1962 mainly because of output disruption and simply because of the transforming organization landscape and moved into the creation of plastic ornaments, which never ever proved to be as well known. But now that we are in the 21st century, desire for the first classic glass ornaments has shot up and you may find lots of “Shiny Brite” ornaments all over Ebay.

A single detail to continue to keep in head however when searching on eBay for these ornaments is that a lot of sellers and consumers seem to be to imagine that “Shiny Brite” refers to a kind of ornament instead than a specific brand name name. So if you are looking especially for ornaments created by Max Eckardt’s corporation, you could want to do a minor digging into the auctions.

In addition to the vintage Shiny Brite Xmas ornaments available at antique retailers, flea markets and online, Christopher Radko began making reproductions of the ornaments all around 2001 and you can expect to obtain individuals on eBay as well. Commonly although you never have to fear about the Radko reproductions getting handed off as the classic ornaments simply because Radko’s ornaments are collectible in their own proper. Also, Radko’s ornaments are made in Europe and all of the unique Shiny Brite’s were of American manufacture.