70’s Extravagant Costume Costumes – 5 Alternatives to the Very Common ABBA Fancy Gown

70’s Extravagant Costume Costumes – 5 Alternatives to the Very Common ABBA Fancy Gown

Considering the fact that the launch of the film, Mama Mia, and as very well as the ongoing achievement of the West Conclude Musical of the identical identify, ABBA extravagant dress costumes have been really preferred at 70’s extravagant costume events, up and down the state.

Mama Mia was an great movie and fully deserved all the plaudits it gained, so it is absolutely easy to understand why ABBA fancy costume is currently the “in” topic. However, it is worthy of noting that there are numerous alternative 70’s fancy gown costumes out there and below we talk about five of the most effective.

70’s Rock Teams

It is real that ABBA were a fantastic bastion of 70s music, but there have been several other rock bands from that period that were not only good musicians, but also manner icons. David Bowie, Elton John and T-Rex are evident illustrations, but possibly the finest case in point of a 70s rock group from a costume position of see is Queen, and in specific Freddie Mercury. The flamboyant showman wore quite a few outfits for the duration of his seventies reign and it is tiny question that Freddie Mercury fancy dress costumes are so well-known.


An additional style of 70’s extravagant dress that is worn rather a large amount is the so called Pimps vogue of the Harlem scene in the seventies. These gamers have been notorious for the outrageous costumes they wore, which bundled dressing in brightly coloured suits and strutting about with their most well known accent, the pimp cane, which they carried to display their authority.


If ABBA Fancy Gown is the most popular amongst the women from the 1970s, then there is no doubting which is the costume that most males go for. Elvis Presley wore some wonderful outfits to the end of his profession and there are numerous authentic looking Elvis threads readily available so that you can go to the party dressed as the King.

The Videos

Iconic films from the period are also the inspiration driving lots of 70’s extravagant gown costumes. Star Wars was a substantial hit in that 10 years and with a variety of exciting figures, it is easy to see why they feature at lots of Halloween events today. Perhaps the most perfectly acknowledged of all costumes from 70s motion pictures is of training course Superman and there are many budding Clark Kents out there who are unable to hold out to costume up in this outfit.


Of study course, the 1970s was the ten years that disco suddenly took off and brought about a entire new entire world of fashion. Hot pants, jumpsuits and psychedelic shirts are all fantastic items to dress in when you want to get down and be groovy on the dance ground and are a fantastic choice to ABBA fancy dress.