Pearl Pricing Manual 101

Pearl Pricing Manual 101

Buying pearl can be a pleasurable and gratifying working experience. You ought to wish the pearls you purchase can really worth the revenue you pay out for them. Even so, there are many aspects to think about just before acquiring a gorgeous, new piece of pearl Jewellery from eBay for oneself or somebody you appreciate. We have put jointly a uncomplicated pearl pricing guideline with regions for you to contemplate, supporting you make purchasing pearl as a enjoyment procedure it should be.

These components underneath can have an affect on the price of the pearls:

* Pearl Sort (South Sea, Tahitian, Saltwater, Freshwater, Akoya, Natural, Cultured, Entire, Blister etcetera.)

* Sizing

* Colour

* Form

* Luster

* Floor

* Nacre thickness

* Matching

Pearl Style:

When obtaining pearls on eBay, the to start with issue you ought to question your self or the seller is the pearl variety. Is it a saltwater pearl (cultured in oceans, sea, gulf or bay) or freshwater pearl (from a river, lake or pond)? Akoya pearls can value numerous occasions additional than freshwater pearls of very similar good quality and size. Just one motive for this it that one mussel in a lake can create as a lot of as 40 freshwater pearls in just one harvest time. An oyster in the sea generally generates one or two saltwater pearls at a time. Tahitian pearl, South Sea pearl and Akoya pearl are standard saltwater pearls.

Nowadays, as a final result of freshwater pearl’s terrific top quality and reasonably priced value, it has made a renewed style in freshwater pearls as an inexpensive substitute to the high-priced saltwater pearls, like South Sea Pearl and Tahitian Pearl. It really is standard that some of the significant-course freshwater pearls can be priced extra high priced than medium excellent Akoya pearls. Some large-stop significant spherical white or pink freshwater pearls can have a retailed cost for about $5000-$10000 in Jewelry retail outlet.

Entire pearls are considerably a lot more expensive than blister pearls and Mabe pearls


Ordinarily the more substantial the pearl the additional it is precious. Size can enormously influence on rate, for case in point, a 1mm enhance in the dimension of medium-quality pearls can increase their cost 100% to 200%.

South Sea pearls: Usually larger than Akoya and freshwater pearls, whose ordinary diameters are inclined to range from 9-19mm.

Tahitian pearls: It is no question that the more substantial the Tahitian pearl the extra high priced it is. Tahitian pearls commonly assortment in dimension from 9 to 18mm and their average dimension tending to be concerning 9 and 12mm.

Freshwater Pearl: The measurement of freshwater pearl is additional variable than saltwater pearls, which can may differ from 2-3mm to 14-16mm or even bigger based on the size of the inserted bead nucleus and nacre thickness.

Akoya Pearls: The dimension of Akoya pearls commonly ranges from 5-10mm. Even although Akoya pearls are often known as Japanese pearls, the popular Akoya pearls on eBay might be cultured outdoors Japan. For the reason that of the air pollution and robust competition from other Asia nations around the world, China, Korean, Sri Lanka and so on, the Akoya farms have shrunken absent a whole lot. On the contrary, China has become the big producer of Akoya pearls much less than 8mm in dimensions, most of Akoya pearls above 8 mm are cultured in Japan, like Mikimoto Pearls. If you discover a strand 7-7.5mm Akoya pearl necklace on eBay, it most probably Chinese Cultured Akoya Pearls.


Pearl shade is a mixture of Entire body shade and overtone coloration which is overlie the pearl physique coloration. Pearls with apparent and condition overtone coloration is much more desirable.
System Color class:

Gentle pink or Pink coloration: The optimum selling price class. The natural way-coloured pink pearls normally have a gentle pink overall body color relatively than ping or deep pink colour, will charge more than dyed-shade pink pearls, whose system coloration looks pinker/darker than natural pink color.

* White color: Equivalent to or considerably less than pearls with a light pink entire body coloration.

* Light-weight product color: Typically will expense less than white coloration.

* Cream color: Typically will cost considerably less than light cream color.

* Dark Cream & Yellow shade: Will be priced additional than 40% decrease than white coloration Akoya Pearls.

Saltwater pearls that are white and light-weight pink generally promote for more than yellowish. Golden colour South Sea pearls from Indonesia and Philippines are an exception and can provide for as a great deal as white color South Sea pearls, delivered the golden coloration is normal and extreme.

Pink overtones are fascinating on white pearls which is most valuable. Greenish or yellowish overtones tend to minimize the value of white pearls.


Frequently speaking, the more round and symmetrical the pearl, the much more important the pearl. Some unique and asymmetrical condition pearls are also desirable and normally applied to generate distinct pearl Jewelries. The lowest priced shapes are baroque, irregular and asymmetrical shape pearls. At most of the time, these pearls will have visible develop-strains encircling the pearl.


What is Pearl Luster?

* The shine and glow of the pearls.

* Solid light reflections

* Condition light-weight reflections

* Distinction amongst the shiny and darker parts of the pearl

The larger and deeper the luster, the extra precious the pearl. Pearls with a large luster will display strong and sharp mild reflections and a very good contrast concerning the brilliant and dark areas of the pearl. Pearls with low luster seems milky, chalky and uninteresting.

Surface area:

It can be standard for pearls to have some flaws. The less and lesser the flaws, the much more useful the pearl.

Nacre thickness:

Nacre thickness is significant important for cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are formed immediately after a human deliberately insert of a shell bead nucleus in the mollusk. If the bead nucleus isn’t really remaining in the mollusk extensive more than enough, the mollusk would not have time to coat it with ample layers of nacre to it to be a lustrous pearl.

The thicker of the nacre of a pearl, the superior and much more important the pearl. A person of the greatest providing details of cultured freshwater pearls is that they generally have a increased percentage of pearl nacre than their saltwater counterparts.


The superior pearls mix together in terms of colour , form, luster, dimension and surface top quality, the much more important they are.